Cisco Cloud Security

This project was a marketing app for Cisco's Cloud Security suite. It told a story about Cisco's Cloud Security software and used Apple's ARkit and 3D animation to do so. This application also featured a security-themed mini-game to give users an incentive to spend more time in a Cisco conference booth.

Art direction - Ben Lisle & Nicholas Husk

Design - Ben Lisle & Nicholas Husk

Development - Ben Lisle & Nicholas Husk

Development Preview Video

Here is an early development video of the Cisco Cloud Security project. In its early stages, it was created using Vuforia's image-based AR. When the project was completed, it utilized Apple's ARkit which had been released shortly before the project kicked off.

CiscoWireframeMockup 2

Under the Hood

A closer look under the hood of this project will reveal that it was heavily reliant on Unity's timeline feature. At the time, it was a brand new feature and really helped this project meet it's tight deadline. 

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